About Gypsea Divers

Abel and Catherine, the owners of Gypsea divers, met almost 20 years ago. They started sharing their lives and dream of diving all over the world and discovering those wonders and incredible creatures of all those oceans!

After many years of diving around, the Gypsies turned into GYPSEAS. In 2010 they created their own little dive shop in Mahahual, away from the crowds and divers factories!
Gypsea divers was born out of the idea to offer you a better, more personalized quality service. We are a very small shop, family style operation, that will consider your needs, personality and emotions!
We know that diving is not just an activity, it’s a full experience. And when it’s done with love and professionalism, divers come out more happy and the smile on their face is our ultimate reward!

Some people do their job because they need to make a living. At Gypsea divers we do our job because it’s our passion! Of course we still make a living out of it!!!!

It would be our great pleasure to take you underwater and have the chance to share with you some of the best sceneries on the planet! From beginners to very advanced divers, we will take extra care of you. We will do our best to provide you an amazing time. Breathing underwater is the best therapy!

Come and join the Gypsea divers crew and live something new!