Dive courses

Want to know why scuba diving is so popular?!

Never been underwater? Snorkeled a little? A lot? Always been fascinated with the ocean? Ready to try something totally different? Ever heard about a DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING? It’s your first step to a new life experience!

Discover Scuba Diving

Discover scuba starts with a little classroom time followed by a shallow water try out of the famous (and easy to manage) scuba gear and then a real diving experience out on a beautiful coral reef! That’s also your first step to getting certified…
Discover scuba is a chance to see how you feel underwater…What will go through your mind, what does it feel like to be weightless, float around, surrounded by so many amazingly colorful fishes and creatures!
Discover scuba is definitely the first step of endless diving possibilities!  After your first dive, you have the option of continuing your training and getting certified.

Getting certified

Basically, of you done your discover scuba and loved it and you have 4 days ahead of you- you are ON FOR YOUR OPEN WATER CERTIFICATION COURSE! It’s a great basic class that will take you to a level where you can be an independent diver. You will learn enough to be comfortable underwater and to practice lots of useful skills.